Personalization just went a whole lot further! Now you can check out different styles of name jewelry by names. Learn about your name, compare different styles that suit the specific letters in your name, and then let your imagination run wild!


When it comes to name jewelry personalization is the bottom line. It's all about you, your name, your personality and your style. You want your name jewelry to say something and sometimes it can be hard to picture how your name would look in a certain style. The style is so important to the message you are communicating about yourself to the world. It can be really helpful in the decision making process to receive some recommendations about styles that look great in your name. You might be surprised, your name might look the best in a style you never imagined would suit!

Having one place to check out all our jewelry by name is a great way to a swift decision. You can check out other people's names too! If you are buying a gift then you want to make sure it is just right before you order. You can also read about the history, popularity and personality of a variety of names and view recommended products for each name. It is the essence of personalization.

Browsing name jewelry by name is a quick and easy way to discover the best options available for you. If you don't find anything that suits you just right then you might like to consider getting your name made in another language, this can be a very nice alternative to the traditional name necklace. You could also consider a piece of symbol jewelry, these can also express a lot about who you are while keeping your name as something personal.

If you are having trouble deciding which is the perfect look for you or a loved one, then contact our Customer Service team, they will give expert advice to find a perfect solution for you.