Throw up what you know! –and you know that I mean your beloved Greek letters. Those two or three symbols that are imprinted on half of your wardrobe; the paraphernalia your room is decked out in from wall to wall with projects completed by members of your elite and perfect 'phamily'. Whether you're in Alpha Phi or Kappa Alpha Theta, your letters and sisters are some of the closest things to your heart during those unforgettable college years. Let's be honest…why shouldn't they be?? And why not keep them LITERALLY as close to your heart as possible? Wearing your Greek letters on a necklace is the ultimate accessory piece and statement love for your sorority.  

Name jewelry is undeniably a popular trend these days that's constantly on the rise. It might be your first name, your initials, and now even your sorority's letters dangling around your neck. The concept of sorority necklaces is actually a brilliant idea. So much giving and receiving gifts takes place within Greek life traditions and sorority necklaces fit into play perfectly. Slip one into your future little's basket so she can show it off post-pledging season. Buy one for your big for her birthday to tie in the core of your relationship into your thoughtful gift.

No matter what, if you want to represent your sorority with pride (which of course, you do) then a necklace is a no brainer. Check out some awesome Sorority Necklaces & Pendants on our shopping site.