It is hard to escape social media these days.  From Facebook to Twitter and Foursquare, it seems as though everyone one is connected.  With the click of a mouse you can easily see what your best friend ate for lunch last Tuesday or who’s checked in at the corner store. One of the newest trends in social media is happening offline with Twitter Name Necklaces.  These nameplate necklaces feature your Twitter username or your favorite hash tag.  These days someone is just as likely, or more, to ask for your username opposed to your phone number, so why not show it off.

For all the people who love to tweet and post about every moment throughout their day, they can now show of their love for social media with their very own username necklace.  Don’t want to use your username, consider your favorite hash tag and show off those things that are extra important.   

Wearing a Twitter username necklace is like wearing your very own brand name around your neck. It may be fun but will it really increase your followers?  Personally, though they make a great gift for your twitter obsessed friends, I feel the usernames should stay on the page.  AS for the hash tags I see this trend sticking around a bit longer or at least until the next #bigthing in social networking. 

What do you think?  Is this new trend as hot as Twitter and Facebook?  Or is it as cold as Instant Messenger? Let us know what you think!

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