Get out your fashion barometers- it's time to check out the latest fashion trends of 2015. Namefully looks at what's hot in fashion this season and the must-have looks!

Hair: Every woman regards her hair as a fashion accessory; it is a statement about who she is and how she carries herself in the world. The trending style of 2015 seems to be an au naturel kind of look. Many celebrities have been spotted sporting a natural wavy look just below the shoulders. Some pair it up with wispy bangs, some subtle highlights and some are still trending on the dip-dye look.

Another hot look this year is for those working girls who still want to exude an air of sophistication while maintaining a groomed and sophisticated appeal. The pulled-back sleek ponytail is definitely a hot trending hairstyle. It's neat, it brings out the eyes, especially those will a bold smokey look, and accents the face. The gelled, wet look offers a fresh morning appearance.

Accessories/Jewelry: Just like a hair is an accessory, jewelry and accessories follow suit. The hairstyles mentioned above are natural and simple with a boho kind of expression so the hot jewelry trends of 2015 are none other than bold, geometric and colorful.  Stacked bangles, ring stacks, neo-piercings on the ears, nose and body and interesting colors are a must-have. They enhance the simplicity of the hair and give a simple outfit that X factor.
For those who prefer more of a subtle look but want to keep in with the new bold style, padlock charm necklaces are a hit. This piece has become the staple necklace that even Coach and Chanel are very into it. It offers a feminine and bold appeal simultaneously and shouts out something enigmatic with that whole lock-and-key look going on!

Make-up: 2015 is about being outrageously bold, adventurous and sophisticated. The smokey-shadow look paired with a bold red lip and strokes of vivid colors on the face complement the natural hair look and statement jewelry perfectly. For those who prefer something toned down for the day, a red lip enhanced with a simple, bronzed palette will do the trick.

Clothing: The boldness and eye-catching look has to be completed with the perfect outfit. 2015 welcomes a mixture of monochrome pieces with bright and intricate detail as a contrast. Bright printed and patched pants look good with a solid blouse or crocheted tank top with a simple chambray to throw over. To finish off the look, a nice pair of Dr. Martens pulls everything together. For a simpler look, one can don a sophisticated dress in basic tones of gray, black and brown and couple it with bright and chunky jewelry.

2015 is about standing out from the crowd! Be bold; be outrageous!