We tend to think of jewelry as a woman thing – mostly because we think of sparking diamonds (undoubtedly, a girl’s best friend) and bold necklaces, earrings, and bracelets that make a statement which most men don’t want to make. However, the New York Times has recently reported that men are going the distance and shopping more and more for hats, bags, and yes, bracelets. Apparently, men are buying so many men’s accessories that predictors envision sales growth from January to March 2012 will be higher than it’s been in 20 years. The New York Times blames a recovery from the recession. I blame fashion.

Women aren’t the only followers of trends. Men have their need to be part of the new developments in fashion and look good while doing it. Fashion executives say that men’s bracelets are bigger than ever – especially thin bracelets made from leather or metal. A lot of men are also wearing their name, their kid’s names, or the name of a loved one on their bracelets. The men’s name bracelet says ‘I’m in with the trends, but I’m keeping my individuality and of course, my masculinity.’ Men’s name jewelry can be personalized any way they want. So, they have a chance to keep a part of themselves while following the trend.

Choose a thin leather bracelet with a nameplate in metal for the industrial, tough guy. Or choose a thin wool bracelet, like Kanye, with an initial etched in leather for the bohemian soul of your man. There are many types of name bracelets to suit the widest variety of personalities that men have. The male bracelet is in now – so hurry before everyone else has one!