Four years sounds like a lifetime, but these special years go by in a blink of an eye. Every college graduate anticipates and dreads this day; the day they go out into the world and embark on a new and exciting journey. Full with dreams to succeed they step out on their own, positive they will land their entry level job at the company of their dreams, conquer the world with their great ideas and leave their mark. However, executing the five year plan isn’t always so easy and they still need a little support from you.

Here we have gathered a few things that any new and nervous graduate would be happy to receive and bring them a step closer to their dream:

1 Bicycle

Now I know what you are thinking…bicycle for a college graduate and not a brand new car? But, yes. Bicycle can be a cool accessory in our urban life. It’s a hot trend in all big European cities, like Paris, where all are suited up in tailored suits travelling by bicycle to and from work. So, imagine how hip the fresh graduate will look on their brand new transportation, travelling to his brand new job across the city in their brand new outfit.
You can find a great state fixed gear eco-friendly bicycle on Amazon

2 An Inspirations and Ideas Premier Notebook

A premier notebook is an essential for our fresh graduate; they will need to write down their great ideas somewhere, everywhere and anytime. So make sure to get them this Smythson Inspirations and Ideas Premier Notebook on 

3 Personalized Name Jewelry

Jewelry is a great gift for any occasion! The big world is full of people who dream of breaking through and having everyone remember their name. Mingling and creating connections is challenging and there are so many names and faces to remember. A personalized name necklace will insure your grad’s name will not be forgotten and we have three beauties that will do the job and make your grads look trendy and fab:

Carrie name necklace for the IT girl who wants to show she has great style and attitude, because only the girl with the right kind of attitude will conquer the world

Bar name necklace, becuase elegance and charm are part of the survival game out there

Birthstone initials necklace to show they have the needed spark for the right job

Another terrific option is a greek sorority necklace to remember those fun and carefree days and sorority parties. Personalize the graduate a Greek sorority necklace with their sorority’s letters, in their favorite material and they will be forever thankful. Wearing this necklace will bring happy memories during difficult times and will inspire them. 


4 Advice for the new graduate

No graduation is complete without a graduation party! Throwing a party is not an easy task, especially if it's for such an important ocassion; all we wish is to make it as memorable as possible. Food, drinks and their best friends are essentials for a great party and to make it really memorable, these wonderful advice cards will be a fantastic addition! You can get them on Etsy. Place the on a special table and have guests write a few words of wisdom and tips for success! 

5 Terminal 1 Checked Spinner

Your fresh grad is ready for new adventure and this stylish spinner is all they need for safe travelling! It is sturdy and durable, insuring epic trips for pleasure or business to your grad and you can personalize it with a special monogram and in various colors from MarkandGraham.

6 DIY Graduation Memory Board

We hope you love some DIY crafts becuase nothing is more special and meaningful than a great memory board. The lucky graduate will be able to look back at the memories, important milestones, funny and fun moments and remember the good times even when they are having difficult moments. 
Here's some inspiration to get you started

7 Shoes!

You can never have too many shoes and your fresh graduate will definitely need some new pairs. A pair for everyday, job hunting, company events and many other occasions! A pair of sneakers won’t do anymore. 

Gray Rag & Bone sneakers available at

Name jewelry and these cool gifts are the ultimate essentials for the new grad in life after graduation! But, being dressed and fully equipped for success isn't enough. The world after graduation is a tough world and our fresh grads could use some advice. Share your experience and our 5 tips on how to succeed after graduation with them and they will forever thank you!